Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lemotion at Emily's in V & A Waterfront Cape Town

You will be glad to know that you can now get Lemotion at the world renowned Emily's restaurant in the Clock Tower of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Emily's first opened its doors as an informal little bistro, which over time became an integral part of the restaurant scene at the Cape. It is almost obligatory for any culinary enthusiast or food lover to meet both Peter Veldsman and Johan Odendaal and dine at Emily’s. Peter, author, knowledgeable and superb food writer, restaurateur and wine lover is known throughout the length and breadth of South Africa. While, Johan's fascinating style of cooking using a variety of eclectic, often exotic ingredients, is always a talking point and creates a frisson of excitement.

Since relocating to the Clock Tower, Emily's with a spacious, cream and soft gold interior, overlooking the harbour and out to sea has evolved into one of South Africa's finest and most individual restaurants with a positive and definite food philosophy centred around an Afro-Euro-culture. Each plate, a canvas drawing on flavours from throughout the African continent.
Emily's has gathered a plethora of awards prominent among many; Diners Club International winner of Platinum and the rare Diamond awards.

Johan Odendaal - Executive Chef

My philosophy of cooking is simple: let the ingredients speak for themselves. I am set on flavour and do not follow trends by other chefs, nor do I copy them.I am in love with the flavours of Africa and proud to be a South African "boere-boy".Often I combine hot and cold on the same plate and frequently contrast flavours or do a counterpoint of similar flavours in order to create a complex canvas.My only criterion is the freshness of vegetables,salads, fish and sea food and, by contrast, meat which is well matured. I have sourced suppliers of repute and both Peter and I are prepared to pay extra for quality. We fly ingredients in from St. Helena, Namibia,Zimbabwe and the African East Coast.I do not pre-cook. I do not fast-cook in a microwave oven. I do not re-heat frozen foods. I do not buy in.Everything on the menu is prepared in my kitchen and it requires time.The restaurant caters for vegans,demi-, lacto-, ovo- and lacto-ovo vegetarians.Here at Emily's the food is not waiting to be served, instead, dear guest,you must be prepared to wait for the food.


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