Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lemotion at Emily's in V & A Waterfront Cape Town

You will be glad to know that you can now get Lemotion at the world renowned Emily's restaurant in the Clock Tower of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Emily's first opened its doors as an informal little bistro, which over time became an integral part of the restaurant scene at the Cape. It is almost obligatory for any culinary enthusiast or food lover to meet both Peter Veldsman and Johan Odendaal and dine at Emily’s. Peter, author, knowledgeable and superb food writer, restaurateur and wine lover is known throughout the length and breadth of South Africa. While, Johan's fascinating style of cooking using a variety of eclectic, often exotic ingredients, is always a talking point and creates a frisson of excitement.

Since relocating to the Clock Tower, Emily's with a spacious, cream and soft gold interior, overlooking the harbour and out to sea has evolved into one of South Africa's finest and most individual restaurants with a positive and definite food philosophy centred around an Afro-Euro-culture. Each plate, a canvas drawing on flavours from throughout the African continent.
Emily's has gathered a plethora of awards prominent among many; Diners Club International winner of Platinum and the rare Diamond awards.

Johan Odendaal - Executive Chef

My philosophy of cooking is simple: let the ingredients speak for themselves. I am set on flavour and do not follow trends by other chefs, nor do I copy them.I am in love with the flavours of Africa and proud to be a South African "boere-boy".Often I combine hot and cold on the same plate and frequently contrast flavours or do a counterpoint of similar flavours in order to create a complex canvas.My only criterion is the freshness of vegetables,salads, fish and sea food and, by contrast, meat which is well matured. I have sourced suppliers of repute and both Peter and I are prepared to pay extra for quality. We fly ingredients in from St. Helena, Namibia,Zimbabwe and the African East Coast.I do not pre-cook. I do not fast-cook in a microwave oven. I do not re-heat frozen foods. I do not buy in.Everything on the menu is prepared in my kitchen and it requires time.The restaurant caters for vegans,demi-, lacto-, ovo- and lacto-ovo vegetarians.Here at Emily's the food is not waiting to be served, instead, dear guest,you must be prepared to wait for the food.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lemotion Socialite

As mentioned last time Rozanne Olivier of iDistribute took some great pictures of Lemotion in action at Shaker Bar School. Anil Sabharwal has also created a wonderful new Lemotion cocktail, called The Socialite.

The recipe for The Socialite is as follows

The Socialite
Glass – Tall / Collins
Garnish – Lemon knot

4 lemon chunks
2 spoons vanilla sugar
37.5ml vanilla vodka
12.5ml Lemotion lemon

Method – Add lemon chunks and vanilla sugar to the bottom of the glass and muddle till all the juice is extracted from it. Add vanilla vodka, Lemotion and crushed ice. Stir well and top with more crushed ice if necessary.

As mentioned before Lemotion is great with ice cream as well as fresh fruit. Try it out.

Please have a look at our little quiz on the right about the Lemotion flavours.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Lemotion photo shoot at Shaker Bar School

Lemotion had a photo shoot at Shaker Bar School, 19 Dorp Street in Cape Town yesterday evening. What a great time we had. It gave a me bigger appreciation for the guys and girls who always pour me my Lemotion Cocktails in clubs and bars in and around South Africa. It was great seeing the hard work that goes into developing new drinks, the styles it is being poured (bottles flying around all over the place) and it is made to look so easy.
What Are the Shaker Bar Schools?
Shaker Bar Schools operate three training academies - Cape Town, London and Birmingham. Established in 2001, the Shaker Bar Schools are the leading bartending schools in South Africa & the UK, dedicated to providing bartending, cocktail & flair related educational courses.
Meet The Instructors
Adam Freeth (Founder)
Founder and Managing Director of Shaker UK. Adam set up Shaker as part of a BA and MSc in Business Management, coupled with his bartending exploits throughout Europe. With over a decade of experience throughout the bar industry, he has developed Shaker into one of the UK's foremost authorities on bartending and training. Having tended bar for the rich & famous, Freeth has also appeared on television as an authority on drinks and has appeared in national and trade press.
Freeth has been responsible for training over 2000 bartenders over the last 6 years, and has travelled worldwide with the International Bartenders Course.

Nickname: Charlie
Shoe Size: 11
What do you do?: Everything
What do you like?: Travelling and my mountain bike
What don't you like?: Driving
Fav Tipple: Gin & Tonic with fresh lime
Fav Cocktail: Daiquiri Classic
Fav Record: Depends on my mood
Fav Film: The Goonies
Happiness is: Cycling
Hero: My Bro & Jerry Thomas
Where would you rather be?: Chapmans Peak Cycling
What do you know?: Beer is regarded as a staple food in Bavaria
Anil Sabharwal (Co-Founder)
Anil was pivotal in setting up the Shaker Bar School and Flair School in the UK and has trained more than 2000 budding bartenders since 2001. As a competition bartender, he has been a competition finalist many times, including winning TGI Fridays Birmingham flair comp, Roadhouse World Flair finalist on several occasions, Northern Flair League champion (2004) and National Bartenders' Challenge (2000), which he won. His flair training has taken him worldwide. He is currently ranked among the best flair bartenders on the planet. A real bartenders' bartender, you will rarely see Anil not working a shift or flairing. Anil now heads up Bar School & Event operations in Cape Town .

Nickname: Er...Anil?
Shoe Size: 8
What do you do?: Run Cape Town Operations
What do you like?: Flairing and 700's
What don't you like?: People who don't say please
Fav Tipple: Quite enjoy a nice glass of red with fresh lime
Fav Cocktail: Sailor Jerry Mojito
Fav Record: Depends on my mood
Fav Film: Shawshank Redemption & Anchorman
Happiness is: Making people smile
Hero: Spiderman
Where would you rather be?: Chilling in the Lordy Mansion watching the sunset
What do you know?: Apparently, 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population
Simon Clarke
Simon joined the Shaker crew in 2005 having learnt his trade in some of the best (and worst!) bars in Birmingham. He has spent the last 5 years amassing a wealth of knowledge & passion for the hospitality industry and has been a religious attendee of the Birmingham Association of Bartenders weekly education sessions for nearly 3 years. Simon is a formidable & innovative competition entrant, having either placed or won in nearly every competition he's ever entered. He has now turned his attention to imparting this wisdom to Shaker students across the globe, and his infectious enthusiasm makes Si an exceptional & inspirational trainer.

Nickname: The Bear
Shoe Size: 13, I also wear very large socks
What do you do?: Training
What do you like?: I like scotch, scotchy, scotchy, scotch...
What don't you like?: Anyone that upsets my woman
Fav Tipple: Large measures of bourbon
Fav Cocktail: Espresso Martini, hold the Kahlua
Fav Record: The Tracy Chapman Collection
Fav Film: The Cinderella Man
Happiness is: Waking up to views of Table Mountain, every single day
Hero: Johnny Wilkinson
Where would you rather be?: Nowhere
What do you know?: I don't know much, but I know I love you...

Jennie Saunders
Jennie joined the Shaker crew in 2006 as part of the management team. Jennie has been involved in events since then and has joined the Bar School training staff. She has placed 1st in the Birmingham Association of Bartenders competition and 2nd in the Ketel One Bloody Mary regional heats in 2006. Jennie has a broad base of experience in pubs, clubs, 4* hotels, cocktail lounges and fine dining restaurants. She has also, over the last 5 years, occupied the role of bartender, waitress, chef, and manager and has a real passion for and understanding of all things hospitality.
Nickname: Jaffa
Shoe Size: 7, (or 8 when I'm telling the truth)
What do you do?: Quite a lot, actually
What do you like?: extraordinarily versatile pet
What don't you like?: People that don't care
Fav Tipple: This week, I 'ave mostly been drinking wine...beefy Austrians & Germans
Fav Cocktail: Appletons Extra Old Fashioned with a lime twist
Fav Record: Cat Stevens - Moonshadow
Fav Film: Leon - makes me cry like a baby every time
Happiness is: Sunday mornings with newspapers, a fry up, coffee, and the Bear
Hero: My Daddy & my wee brother Adam
Where would you rather be?: In the kitchen
What do you know?: Less than I will tomorrow but more than I did yesterday

Myles Cunliffe
Myles is a drinks mogul. After 7 years of working in a multitude of different venues from Babington House, Blanch House, Fifth Floor, event work for some of the countries top agencies, his vast knowledge of all things wet surpasses most in the industry. In 2004, Myles gained 3rd place in the UK's largest mixology competition and graduated with a HND in wine studies from Plumpton College, Brighton University.
Myles has been a trainer with Shaker for 3 years and heads up the London Bar School. He is currently studying for the WSET Diploma.
Nickname: Milo
Shoe Size: 11
What do you do?: I teach the art of inspiration and run London Ops
What do you like?: Rum, my wife, wine, fishing, braai on the beach, not in that order. Just an easy life!What don't you like?: Being late, being rubbish at flair
Fav Tipple: At the moment, I enjoy everything
Fav Cocktail: Green sangrita & Tequila
Fav Record: Faithless, Miss You Less See You More
Fav Film: Taxi, (the French one)
Happiness is: Weekends off with the family

Rozanne Olivier of iDistribute took some amazing pics of Lemotion in action. This I will show you next time with some excellent new cocktails for the warm summer days.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lemotion for dummies

Blogging has taken the world by storm. With over 70 million weblogs in mid 2005 and that was 2 years ago, just imagine how many there are now in 2007. Just like blogging has becoming a fast growing phenomenon so is Lemotion taking the party world by storm.
In order to make this blog perfect and reach as many readers as possible, plus this is all brand new to me, I have purchased the book Blogging for Dummies. Because up until three days ago I have never even heard of blogging let alone know what a blog is
So watch this space and see it improve.
If you have any ideas on how to make this blog better please give me your comments.
I am off to have a photo shoot with Lemotion, trying out new cocktail ideas so soon I will tell you all about it.

South Africa - Alive with Posibilities

Now that the Rugby World Cup is over, but by no means forgotten. The Boks are traveling through the country saying thanks to all the support they got from the nation and showing off The Webb Ellis cup they brought home with them. Lemotion wants to today look at the Soccer World Cup being hosted by South Africa in 2010. More specifically some of the amazing Stadiums that are being built around the country.

Matches for the Soccer World Cup 2010 will be played in 9 cities around South Africa.
They are Cape Town, Port Elisabeth, Durban, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Rustenburg and Polokwane.

Just look how amazing it all looks, if the spirit of this country was as big as it was during the Rugby World Cup over the past month imagine what this country would be like in 2010. It is going to be mind blowing

Greenpoint Stadium - Cape Town

Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town, Western Cape, is to be specially built for 2010, with a retractable roof and a capacity of 70 000. It will host six first-round matches, one second-round, one quarter-final and one semifinal match.(Image: South Africa 2010 Local Organising Committee)

The King Senzangakhona Stadium - Durban

The King Senzangakhona Stadium in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, is to be specially built for 2010, with a capacity of 80 000. It will host six first-round matches, one second-round, and one semifinal match.(Image: South Africa 2010 Local Organising Committee)

The Nelson Mandela Stadium - Port Elisabeth

Artist's impression of the 50 000-seat Nelson Mandela Stadium in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. It is to be specially built for 2010 and will host five first-round matches, one second-round match, one quarter-final and the third-place playoff. (Image: South Africa 2010 Local Organising Committee)

The Soccer City Stadium - Johannesburg

The Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg is to undergo a major upgrade for the 2010 tournament, with a new design inspired by traditional African pottery and a revamped capacity for 104 000 football fans. The stadium will hold the final and opening matches, five first-round matches, one second-round match and one quarter-final.(Image: South Africa 2010 Local Organising Committee)

But probably the best thing about the Soccer World Cup being held in South Africa in 2010 is that Lemotion will be there in full force to Sheer on Bafana Bafana all the way.

So you have 3 years to perfect your recipes for Lemotion Cocktails so let us see what cocktails you come up with. Send them to us and we will try them out as well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Just for a laugh

At the end of yet another beautiful sunshine day in Cape Town before going home to watch the sunset with a Lemotion Cosmo in hand. I thought I would share this great pic with you all. It seems the Queen has her priorities right and she looks fantastic in the green and gold.

Have you found any funny pictures on the Internet celebrating the Springboks' victory?

Please share them, it would be great to see them.

Summer Sizzler

Did you know that Lemotion (Lemon or Mandarin flavour) is great with ice cream?
Scoop some Vanilla Ice Cream in a glass - as much as you feel like.
Take fresh Mint and chop it up fine and mix with the Ice Cream.
Take 25ml of Lemotion Lemon or Mandarin flavour and pour over the ice cream mixture.

Sit back in the lovely South African sun and enjoy.

What interesting recipes for Lemotion do you have that you want to share?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Boks are BACK!!!

This Morning at 6:30am the nation's Pride returned and bringing back with them The Rugby World Cup.
Thousands of people were at O.R. Thambo Airport in Johannesburg to meet them.

In CELEBRATION of the boks returning have a LEMOTION BOKKIE.

Take a tot glass fill it three quarters with LEMOTION LEMON LIQUEUR.
Then pour some Cape Velvet Liqueur at a slight angle in order for the Cape Velvet to float on top of the LEMOTION LEMON.

Sit back and down the entire tot of LEMOTION BOKKIE.

And then scream BOKKE BOKKE BOKKE!!! Pray your boss don't catch you.

Monday, October 22, 2007


20 October 2007

The Atmosphere in South Africa and more so in my home town, Cape Town was electrifying form early Saturday morning. It was THE WORLD CUP RUGBY FINAL day! South Africa was playing England the defending champions. There was electricity in the air, a nation's pride and hope all rested on the shoulders of 15 Players in our national colours (green and gold).

And of course LEMOTION was there to keep the spirits high.

LEMOTION is a versatile PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN liqueur in two tantalizing flavours, LEMON and Mandarin. With an alcohol percentage of 28% Lemotion has a kick almost as strong FRANCOIS STEYN. The LEMOTION kick is best applied in various cocktails:

ice cubes / crushed ice
250ml Orange Juice
Orange slice for decoration

25ml Vodka
12.5ml LEMOTION MANDARIN liqueur
25ml Cranberry Juice
Lime wedge squeezed
Martini Glass

30ml Vanilla Vodka
12.5ml LEMOTION LEMON liqueur
12.5ml Butterscotch Schnapps
25ml Lemon Juice
12.5ml Sugar Syrup
Caster Sugar Rim
Martini Glass

These are only a few of the mouth watering cocktails that was flowing to keep everyone in high spirits and.

The Boks really made our nation proud by beating the English 15 -6. It is now two days later and the atmosphere is still one of absolute pride and joy. Radio stations are asking their listeners to hoot for The Bokke. Pictures of our team and the Rugby world Cup is on the cover of every news paper. It is amazing how a nation can be pulled together over a sport........ Well done bokke!!!! You are responsible for a nation smiling and bubbling with pride....

It is good to be South African today.....