Friday, October 26, 2007

Lemotion photo shoot at Shaker Bar School

Lemotion had a photo shoot at Shaker Bar School, 19 Dorp Street in Cape Town yesterday evening. What a great time we had. It gave a me bigger appreciation for the guys and girls who always pour me my Lemotion Cocktails in clubs and bars in and around South Africa. It was great seeing the hard work that goes into developing new drinks, the styles it is being poured (bottles flying around all over the place) and it is made to look so easy.
What Are the Shaker Bar Schools?
Shaker Bar Schools operate three training academies - Cape Town, London and Birmingham. Established in 2001, the Shaker Bar Schools are the leading bartending schools in South Africa & the UK, dedicated to providing bartending, cocktail & flair related educational courses.
Meet The Instructors
Adam Freeth (Founder)
Founder and Managing Director of Shaker UK. Adam set up Shaker as part of a BA and MSc in Business Management, coupled with his bartending exploits throughout Europe. With over a decade of experience throughout the bar industry, he has developed Shaker into one of the UK's foremost authorities on bartending and training. Having tended bar for the rich & famous, Freeth has also appeared on television as an authority on drinks and has appeared in national and trade press.
Freeth has been responsible for training over 2000 bartenders over the last 6 years, and has travelled worldwide with the International Bartenders Course.

Nickname: Charlie
Shoe Size: 11
What do you do?: Everything
What do you like?: Travelling and my mountain bike
What don't you like?: Driving
Fav Tipple: Gin & Tonic with fresh lime
Fav Cocktail: Daiquiri Classic
Fav Record: Depends on my mood
Fav Film: The Goonies
Happiness is: Cycling
Hero: My Bro & Jerry Thomas
Where would you rather be?: Chapmans Peak Cycling
What do you know?: Beer is regarded as a staple food in Bavaria
Anil Sabharwal (Co-Founder)
Anil was pivotal in setting up the Shaker Bar School and Flair School in the UK and has trained more than 2000 budding bartenders since 2001. As a competition bartender, he has been a competition finalist many times, including winning TGI Fridays Birmingham flair comp, Roadhouse World Flair finalist on several occasions, Northern Flair League champion (2004) and National Bartenders' Challenge (2000), which he won. His flair training has taken him worldwide. He is currently ranked among the best flair bartenders on the planet. A real bartenders' bartender, you will rarely see Anil not working a shift or flairing. Anil now heads up Bar School & Event operations in Cape Town .

Nickname: Er...Anil?
Shoe Size: 8
What do you do?: Run Cape Town Operations
What do you like?: Flairing and 700's
What don't you like?: People who don't say please
Fav Tipple: Quite enjoy a nice glass of red with fresh lime
Fav Cocktail: Sailor Jerry Mojito
Fav Record: Depends on my mood
Fav Film: Shawshank Redemption & Anchorman
Happiness is: Making people smile
Hero: Spiderman
Where would you rather be?: Chilling in the Lordy Mansion watching the sunset
What do you know?: Apparently, 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the population
Simon Clarke
Simon joined the Shaker crew in 2005 having learnt his trade in some of the best (and worst!) bars in Birmingham. He has spent the last 5 years amassing a wealth of knowledge & passion for the hospitality industry and has been a religious attendee of the Birmingham Association of Bartenders weekly education sessions for nearly 3 years. Simon is a formidable & innovative competition entrant, having either placed or won in nearly every competition he's ever entered. He has now turned his attention to imparting this wisdom to Shaker students across the globe, and his infectious enthusiasm makes Si an exceptional & inspirational trainer.

Nickname: The Bear
Shoe Size: 13, I also wear very large socks
What do you do?: Training
What do you like?: I like scotch, scotchy, scotchy, scotch...
What don't you like?: Anyone that upsets my woman
Fav Tipple: Large measures of bourbon
Fav Cocktail: Espresso Martini, hold the Kahlua
Fav Record: The Tracy Chapman Collection
Fav Film: The Cinderella Man
Happiness is: Waking up to views of Table Mountain, every single day
Hero: Johnny Wilkinson
Where would you rather be?: Nowhere
What do you know?: I don't know much, but I know I love you...

Jennie Saunders
Jennie joined the Shaker crew in 2006 as part of the management team. Jennie has been involved in events since then and has joined the Bar School training staff. She has placed 1st in the Birmingham Association of Bartenders competition and 2nd in the Ketel One Bloody Mary regional heats in 2006. Jennie has a broad base of experience in pubs, clubs, 4* hotels, cocktail lounges and fine dining restaurants. She has also, over the last 5 years, occupied the role of bartender, waitress, chef, and manager and has a real passion for and understanding of all things hospitality.
Nickname: Jaffa
Shoe Size: 7, (or 8 when I'm telling the truth)
What do you do?: Quite a lot, actually
What do you like?: extraordinarily versatile pet
What don't you like?: People that don't care
Fav Tipple: This week, I 'ave mostly been drinking wine...beefy Austrians & Germans
Fav Cocktail: Appletons Extra Old Fashioned with a lime twist
Fav Record: Cat Stevens - Moonshadow
Fav Film: Leon - makes me cry like a baby every time
Happiness is: Sunday mornings with newspapers, a fry up, coffee, and the Bear
Hero: My Daddy & my wee brother Adam
Where would you rather be?: In the kitchen
What do you know?: Less than I will tomorrow but more than I did yesterday

Myles Cunliffe
Myles is a drinks mogul. After 7 years of working in a multitude of different venues from Babington House, Blanch House, Fifth Floor, event work for some of the countries top agencies, his vast knowledge of all things wet surpasses most in the industry. In 2004, Myles gained 3rd place in the UK's largest mixology competition and graduated with a HND in wine studies from Plumpton College, Brighton University.
Myles has been a trainer with Shaker for 3 years and heads up the London Bar School. He is currently studying for the WSET Diploma.
Nickname: Milo
Shoe Size: 11
What do you do?: I teach the art of inspiration and run London Ops
What do you like?: Rum, my wife, wine, fishing, braai on the beach, not in that order. Just an easy life!What don't you like?: Being late, being rubbish at flair
Fav Tipple: At the moment, I enjoy everything
Fav Cocktail: Green sangrita & Tequila
Fav Record: Faithless, Miss You Less See You More
Fav Film: Taxi, (the French one)
Happiness is: Weekends off with the family

Rozanne Olivier of iDistribute took some amazing pics of Lemotion in action. This I will show you next time with some excellent new cocktails for the warm summer days.

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