Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lemotion Socialite

As mentioned last time Rozanne Olivier of iDistribute took some great pictures of Lemotion in action at Shaker Bar School. Anil Sabharwal has also created a wonderful new Lemotion cocktail, called The Socialite.

The recipe for The Socialite is as follows

The Socialite
Glass – Tall / Collins
Garnish – Lemon knot

4 lemon chunks
2 spoons vanilla sugar
37.5ml vanilla vodka
12.5ml Lemotion lemon

Method – Add lemon chunks and vanilla sugar to the bottom of the glass and muddle till all the juice is extracted from it. Add vanilla vodka, Lemotion and crushed ice. Stir well and top with more crushed ice if necessary.

As mentioned before Lemotion is great with ice cream as well as fresh fruit. Try it out.

Please have a look at our little quiz on the right about the Lemotion flavours.

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